Conferences & Courses
Next-Gen Sequencing Informatics Next-Gen Sequencing Informatics
April 29 - May 1, 2014 | Boston, MA

Bioinformatics Bioinformatics
April 29 - May 1, 2014 | Boston, MA
The Bioinformatics Track explores bioinformatics and cancer, next-gen sequencing and novel bioinformatics and data integration approaches, data modeling and computational integrative tools, and bioinformatics in the cloud.

Clinical Biomarkers Assay Development Clinical Biomarkers Assay Development
April 30, 2014 | Philadelphia, PA
Track 2: Clinical Assay Development The signature event/conference in Cambridge Healthtech Institute' s Biomarker Series, The Biomarker World Congress/conference 2013 is dedicated to all areas of biomarker research spanning the pharmaceutical and diag

Life Science Media Library
Clinical Genome Sequencing Clinical Genome Sequencing
June 11, 2012 |
The move to push genome sequencing into routine clinical practice requires arguably as much skill in navigating bureaucracy as mapping and interpreting base pairs. This short course provides practical information on crafting clinical sequencing and analysis pipeline strategies while navigating the route of CAP and CLIA certification by those who have sailed through these uncharted waters.
Software for Clinical Genomics Software for Clinical Genomics
April 24, 2012 |
Genomic technologies hold the potential to improve diagnosis and treatment of inherited disease and cancer, as well as the move towards personalized medicine. However, genomic data is complex and is not well integrated with software systems to support existing diagnostics, such as anatomic pathology and clinical pathology reporting systems needed for integrated diagnostics.
Sequencing 101 Sequencing 101
March 5, 2012 |
In less than five years next-generation sequencing has gone from radical to routine. Naturally, in a field moving so fast, newbies can feel overwhelmed. Sequencing 101 is designed to provide definitions in terminology, types of platforms, workflow strategies, and current applications, to what's next? Learn about the genomic data revolution from data generation to management to analysis and interpretation. This course is perfect for those needing an introduction to next-generation sequencing technology and applications.

Publications, Reports, & Whitepapers
Epigenetics: Emerging Targets, Available Technologies, Expert Interviews, and an Epigenetic Community Perspective
Epigenetics: Emerging Targets, Available Technologies, Expert Interviews, and an Epigenetic Community Perspective provides an overview of the scientific and technological landscape from which both the diagnostic and therapeutic sectors of the nascent epigenetics industry are emerging, plus a qualitative analysis of the scientific, technological, and commercial achievements and challenges facing both sectors.
Next Generation Sequencing Generates Momentum
Next Generation Sequencing Generates Momentum: Markets Respond to Technology and Innovation Advances, an Insight Pharma Report, focuses on current and innovative NGS technologies, services and markets.
RNAi Therapeutics
RNAi Therapeutics: Second Generation Candidates Build Momentum, an Insight Pharma Report, examines the science behind therapeutic RNAi and miRNA, technologies for design of therapeutic oligonucleotides that work via an RNAi or miRNA-modulating mechanism, technologies for design of delivery vehicles, and leading companies in the therapeutic RNAi/miRNA industry sector.